A La Maquina! RoastSafe Pepper Sweat Bags

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Many New Mexicans know that roasting chile is only half of the cooking process! After roasting, chile is traditionally dumped into plastic bags to "sweat." The bag traps the hot chile steam in, which submerses the chile in its water, making it easy to peel while preserving the essential flavors.

There is a major problem with this traditional process. Commercial and home roasters use normal plastic bags which leech harmful chemicals into your food at temperatures exceeding 140F. Freshly roasted chile can land in the bag at upawards of 200F and maintains temperatures above 165F for up to two hours if left to sweat. 

Just like our chile roasters, we have packaged this innovation for chile connoisseurs and companies who want to offer healthy and flavorful chile while following food safety regulations. We are the first and only company marketing this essential resource to green chile roasters.


-Food safe at temperatures exceeding 300F+

-Microwavable and freezable

-.6 mil thickness

-FDA Approved 

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